2017 MOAB BFE Overlay

LeadNav Hardware Supply

$ 25.00 



This is an In App Map Overlay prepared by LEADNAV of the Moab BFE area. Built off of the existing Red Rock 4 Wheelers INC. GPS files.

This is a bonus product and capability offered by LEADNAV with our custom overlay feature.

You can always import any GPX (Garmin) file type directly into LEADNAV of the trail system...then convert their Tracks to Routes...clean them up yourselves utilizing our In App Subscription to Pro Pack or just the basic $20 app by editing the route files with Waypoints. See our Community Forum and Website Support section for How To's.

*If in any other GPS format (KMZ/KML or USR then just convert them to GPX using free software like GPS Babel (See our Community Forum)


Purchase this Overlay for a improved layout with the trails labeled in the background and your own GPS Collection planned out on top.



- Trail Overlay (Includes the following trails)

  • 3-D
  • Behind the Rocks
  • Chicken Corners
  • Cliffhanger
  • Copper Ridge
  • Crystal Geyser
  • Day Canyon Point
  • Deadman Point
  • Dome Plateau
  • Elephant Hill
  • Fins and Things
  • Flat Iron Mesa
  • Gold Bar Rim, Rusty Nail Version
  • Golden Spike
  • Hell Roaring Rim
  • Hells Revenge
  • Hey Joe Canyon
  • Kane Creek Canyon
  • Metal Masher
  • Moab Rim
  • Poison Spider Mesa
  • Polar Mesa
  • Porcupine Rim
  • Pritchett Canyon
  • Rose Garden Hill
  • Secret Spire
  • Seven Mile Run
  • Steel Bender
  • Strike Ravine
  • Top of the World
  • Wipe-Out Hill





We are not responsible for the accuracy or any changes made to this trail system. It is up to you to confirm its accuracy.




- Once you make your purchase ignore the "To save files on Apple devices..." message on SendOwl's site (in screenshot below). Tap the underlined file link ONCE. This is a large file so let it work! Watch your web browser load. 


Just an example below


- Import the ZIP file directly into LEADNAV on your iPad or iPhone (1 purchase to load 1 device! Purchase on the device you want this Overlay to go on)

- Overlays will import into your Map list ready to turn on. Tap Settings > Map > First turn all online map layers off by selecting "None". Then scroll all the way down to Overlays. Overlays are layer down in the order they are turned on so first turn on any solid map layer (if you have any) Then turn on the actual purchased Overlay next to lay it on top. 

It is highly recommended you use the in app map downloader and our Pro Pack in app subscription to save satellite or top background imagery before you leave. Learn more about this in our "How To" section of our forum. 


With this new system you keep all of your Collection/Trip Files clean with just your Tracks, Routes and Markers and all the trail info separate. No more having a mess of imported trail blue track lines everywhere.

This File does NOT contain the satellite imagery in the background! If you want to see this you must utilize our Map Subscription, Advanced Subscription or our Pro Pack Subscription (In App Subscriptions) to download this background before you leave. Otherwise this Overlay will run fine with a blank/gray background when out of cellular or wifi range. 


We highly recommend a iPad Mini 4, Air 2, Pro or iPhone 6 and higher. Older devices may crash more frequently and/or run sluggish. (See recommended configurations in our hardware section and online Community Forum. 


Here is a graphic showing how the Overlay fits into our three layers system