2017 San Felipe 250 - Bundle

LeadNav Hardware Supply

$ 25.00 


BEFORE YOU PURCHASE BE SURE TO UPDATE TO THE CURRENT LEADNAV GPS VERSION!!! The newest version released Monday, Feb 27th allows you to accept this bundled package!!!!

This is a Race/Chase/Spectator Bundle for the 2017 San Felipe prepared by LEADNAV.

This is a bonus product and capability offered by LEADNAV with our custom overlay feature.

You can always import any GPX (Garmin) file type directly into LEADNAV from the event organization themselves...then convert their Tracks to Routes...clean them up yourselves utilizing our In App Subscription to Pro Pack or just the basic $20 app by editing the route files with Waypoints. See our Community Forum and Website Support section for How To's.


Purchase this Bundle...and Run...with the additional Overlay 



- Prepared GPX Collection (Cleaned out with 1 primary Route ready to edit and Run. Basic Event Dangers were added but up to you to confirm and track any updates)

- Race Overlay (All race info baked into our custom Overlay)


Note Included

- Topo/Satellite Map Imagery Background  (Basic Topo Background. Recommend saving Satellite Imagery down to 16 (Max coverage in Baja...17-18 will be black) and MapBox Terrain (17-18 along Route and the entire area in 16 zoom) using the LEADNAV $150 a year In App Subscription to Pro Pack.





We are not responsible for the accuracy or any changes made to this event after March 17th 2017. It is up to you to confirm its accuracy and attend all race meetings for updates.




- Once you make your purchase ignore the "To save files on Apple devices..." message on SendOwl's site (in screenshot below). Tap the underlined "2017 San Felipe 250 Race Bundle" link once. This is a 60MB file so let it work! Watch your web browser load.....




- Import the ZIP file directly into LEADNAV on your iPad or iPhone (1 purchase to load 2 devices! (example...your iPad and iPhone) Purchase on the device you want this Bundle to go on)

- Overlays will import into your Map list ready to turn on. Tap Settings > Map > First turn all online map layers off by selecting "None" or select the Map types you saved using Pro Pack. Then scroll all the way down to Overlays. Overlays are layer down in the order they are turned on so first turn on any solid map layer (In this case select the "2017 San Felipe 250" to turn it on. 

Highly recommended you use the in app map downloader and our Pro Pack in app subscription to save high quality satellite or top background imagery before you leave. Learn more about this in our "How To" section of our forum. 

- To open the actual GPS race files select MENU and open the "2017 San Felipe 250 - LEADNAV" Collection. (We highly recommend "duplicating" this Collection before working on it)

- In this GPS Collection you will find only 1 Route. 

- Edit the Primary Race Route with any audio/visual Waypoints by studying the terrain (satellite imagery in background is best) Add in any "obvious "Left turns, Road crossings, Speed warnings etc...)

- RUN the Race Route! (Rerunning the Race Route with each lap will be necessary...Just hit Run out of the Pits)


With this new system you keep all of your Race Files clean with just your notes and all the Race info separate. No more having a thousand RM and VCP points mixed in the file with your work/notes.

This File does NOT contain the satellite imagery in the background! If you want to see this you must utilize our Map Subscription, Advanced Subscription or our Pro Pack Subscription (In App Subscriptions) to download this background before you leave. Otherwise this Overlay will run fine with a blank/gray background when out of cellular or wifi range. 


We highly recommend a iPad Mini 4, Air 2, Pro or iPhone 6 and higher. Older devices may crash more frequently and/or run sluggish. (See recommended configurations in our hardware section and online Community Forum.