iPad mini 1,2,3 Mounting Package with RAM® Mounts Claw


$ 236.40 

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!!!!We no longer stock the LifeProof Nuud Case for the mini 1,2 or 3 as we have moved up to the mini 4...however you can now order this bundle without the case. The LifeProof Nuud 1,2 and 3 cases are still readily available direct from LifeProof!!!!!


A great "Slap On and GO" option for your caged vehicle! This iPad mini package is built for the iPad mini 1,2 or 3.


This package comes with the Tough Claw Universal Cage Clamp allowing a quick and secure attachment method to tubes or surfaces ranging from 1" - 2.25"

This package comes with a Medium Adjustable Arm -  5.5" Length


  • RAM® Mounts Cradle
  • RAM® Mounts Mounting Hardware
  • Antiglare Screen Film (2 Pack)


  • LN-SC-PWR-MINI2      4' Ruggedized Power cable with 12v Dual Port Cig Adapter     
  • XGPS160                      Bluetooth Antenna
  • LN-X6                           Rugged Case for XGPS160
  • LN-X6C                         Cage Adapter Mount for LN-X6


Recommended iPad

iPad mini 2 32gb wifi+cellular with Apple Care

Order now straight from Apple


You must setup your own iPad with an individual or group iTunes Account then buy LeadNav GPS from the App Store

Our #1 recommended starter or weekend warrior iPad!

The iPad mini 2 offers a powerful platform capable of handling just about anything you throw at it during your weekend excursions or races.

Although we recommend bumping up to the iPad Air 2 or the mini 4 for extremely large events like the Baja 1000, for editing longer routes and saving larger map imagery, the mini 2 will still crush any other GPS on the market in speed at these events. 

Cellular Data is not needed (read below) but just in case you ever want it, be sure to choose a preferred Carrier company in Options (AT&T will be the Default)


Why this is our recommended mini 2 configeration?

iPad Recommendations

We recommend you buy a wifi+cellular iPad to utilize the internal GPS chip built into it. You do not need to pay for the actual cellular plan. 

A wifi only ipad does not have an internal GPS therefore you will be requered to always use an external Dual XGPS160 Bluetooth puck.

*We highly recommend having both. If your bluetooth connection breaks you will have the internal GPS still available to fall back on. Also if you hard mount your puck you can still utilize your iPad away from your vehicle.

We also recommend having an iPad with 64gb storage or more for larger adventuring and personal use. We sometimes store up to 20gb of satellite maps per event. Storage goes quick when utilizing the iPad for other uses like Email, Movies etc... but if this is only to be used as a navigation device, 32gb should be fine. (Max iPad mini 2 size available is 32gb)


 AppleCare+ which is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for backcountry use!



AppleCare +

AppleCare+ for iPad extends your coverage to two years from the original purchase date of your iPad and adds up to two incidents of accidental damage coverage. Just add AppleCare+ during the checkout process.2



Find out all you want about the iPad mini 2 here http://www.apple.com/shop/buy-ipad/ipad-mini-2



We recommend getting your tablet directly from Apple. We go through a ton of tablets and once in a while we get a "Lemon". One that just seems to be acting slower or crashing. Although rare it does happen and most of these get traded in. When you try and save money your rolling the dice. When buying a refurbished model, one from Amazon or one from your "buddy" who sells tablets... you don't know if its a "problem child" or just one that had a broke screen replaced...

We cannot help you if you choose to go that route.

Proceed at your own risk!