LN-GO rugged enclosure for the Iridium GO

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Our custom machined LN-GO ruggedized enclosure offers protection and multiple mounting options for the Iridium GO! satellite device while using it for live group location tracking and communication within the LEADNAV GPS and Iridium GO applications. 

Most importantly this case is designed to secure both the power cable and antenna adapter into the unit.

It also allows you to secure the built in antenna in the up position utilizing a zip tie or rubber band if needed for extreme off-road use.


- Class 3 anodized



LEADNAV Custom billet OEM products are custom built in bulk runs for our military, law enforcement, fleet organizations and racing teams. From these runs we will stock a few in our store for individual purchase.


If we list an item as available for preorder you can expect anywhere from a 4-8 week turn around depending on the item. 


The LN-GO is a brand new item and will soon be stocked regularly for the public. Coming soon!



 LN-GO housing itself 


Optional add on

Ruggedized Antenna Adapter built to fit snug into the case (you can do this yourself with the stock antenna adapter available in our store)



Not Included

Iridium GO!

Service plans


power cable