RAM® Mounts Tele-Pole™ Support / Chase Vehicle Rig (Custom per make and model)

LeadNav Hardware Supply

$ 305.14 


Number 1 setup for all support / chase crews requiring a professional level mounting system.

If its a newer truck... we probably have it in stock! So contact us at [email protected]

Per make and model this adjustable system utilizes the passenger seat bolts to provide a fully adjustable mount for your tablet cradle (tablet cradle not included)

Choose this rig then go and select the cradle combo that you would like to use. (Visit our "Build your own" section for cradle options) 

Ok for moderate offroad and trail use. Not recommended for heavy off-road use (Situations where you should be using a roll cage....we have cage mounts for that!

*****Read notes below for fitment info***********


We stock


Toyota Tacoma/4Runner - 2005+ 

Compatible Vehicles:
Toyota Tacoma (2005-2017)
Toyota 4Runner (2005-2017)




Toyota Tundra - 2007+ 

Also Compatible with Vehicles:
Nissan NV1500 (2011-2016)
Nissan NV2500 HD (2011-2016)
Nissan NV3500 HD (2011-2016)
Toyota Tundra (2007-2015) 




Ford F-150/Raptor 2011-2014

Compatible Vehicles:
Ford F-150 (2004-2014)
Ford F-150 Crew Cab (2010)
Ford F-150 FX2/FX4 (2012-2014)
Ford F-150 Harley Davidson (2012)
Ford F-150 King Ranch (2012-2013)
Ford F-150 Lariat (2012-2013)
Ford F-150 Limited (2012-2013)
Ford F-150 Platinum (2012-2013)
Ford F-150 Raptor (2013)
Ford F-150 Regular Cab (2011)
Ford F-150 STX (2012-2013)
Ford F-150 Super Cab (2011)
Ford F-150 Super Crew (2011)
Ford F-150 SVT (2013)
Ford F-150 SVT Raptor (2012)
Ford F-150 XL (2012-2013)
Ford F-150 XLT (2013)
Lincoln Mark LT (2005-2011)




Ford F-150/Raptor 2015-17

Also Compatible with Vehicles:
- Dodge Journey (2011-2017)
- Ford F-150 (2015-2017)
- Ford F-250-F-550 (2017)
- Ford Escape (2013-2017)
- Ford Transit Connect (2014-2017)
- Ford C-Max (2014-2016)
- Ford Focus (2011-2016)
- Jeep Compass (2013-2017)
- Jeep Patriot (2013-2017)




Ford F-250-750 & Excursion w/ bucket seats - (See notes)

Example: This won't fit the 2017 Ford 550 - See notes under F-150/Raptor 2015-17 kits
Ford F-250 (1997-2016)
Ford F-350 (1997-2016)
Ford F-450 (1997-2016)
Ford F-550 (1997-2016)
Ford F-650 (1997-2017)
Ford F-750 (1997-2017)
Ford Excursion (2000-2005)




Ram 1500-5500 2012+ 

RAM 1500 - 5500 (2012-2017)




Ram 1500/2500/3500     (Check Below)

Dodge Ram 1500 (2002-2007)
Dodge Ram 2500/3500 (2003-2007)



Silverado 1500-3500, Suburban, Tahoe, Sierra 1500-3500 (Bucket Seat/4x4) See notes

Chevrolet Colorado (2015-2017)
Chevrolet Silverado 1500 (2014-2017)
Chevrolet Silverado 2500 (2014-2017)
Chevrolet Silverado 3500 (2014-2017)
Chevrolet Suburban (2015-2017)
Chevrolet Tahoe (2015-2016)
GMC Canyon (2015-2017)
GMC Sierra 1500 (2014-2017)
-The RAM-VB-193 base is best used in bucket seat vehicles with a full center console. For trucks with a 40/20/40 bench seat, the RAM-VB-191 is also an option. To install the RAM-VB-193, the plastic trim nearest the passenger side door may need to be cut or modified to accommodate the no drill base once installed. If this cannot be done in your vehicle or you are not comfortable with this, you should not purchase this product. Note that the RAM-VB-191 will not work in vehicles with the 4x4 lever on the center hump of the vehicle. The RAM-VB-191 is for 4x2 trucks only.
-The RAM-VB-193 stock base will not fit in trucks with Allison Transmission.




Custom Order

Any make and model vehicle can be ordered (allow 4-8 weeks for delivery) Contact us



Large fleet orders or anything out of stock allow 4-8 weeks for delivery (Contact us for details)


Don't forget to add a cradle of your choosing (Cradle Ball included with Vehicle Rig)

Slick iPad (no case)





iPad in LifeProof Nuud case




Or our custom LN-EXO Gen 2 machined case and docking cradle